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COROS VERTIX 2S is built for adventure and helps athletes conquer rugged terrain, extreme conditions, and multi-day adventures.

The COROS VERTIX 2S builds on the brand's flagship watch, offering incredibly long battery life, pinpoint GPS accuracy, durability, and all of the features that users love about the previous VERTIX 2. This hardware upgrade includes their most accurate wrist-based heart rate sensor, 118 hours of continuous GPS battery with 48 days of Daily Use, and innovative new software that gives COROS users unmatched GPS accuracy for outdoor climbing.

Durability Meets Elegance
Capable of withstanding 10 atmospheres below or operating in no atmosphere at all,
the new COROS VERTIX 2S Earth, Moon, and Space editions celebrate mankind’s
never-ending spirit of adventure in the most challenging environments. Each style
features a stunning new watch face design depicting its name, and in a first for VERTIX
series watches, both the rugged silicone and lightweight nylon bands in matching
colors are included in the box.

    COROS Most Accurate Wrist-Based Heart Rate
    Accurate data is critical for all athletes. Heart rate and GPS are the two most important
    data inputs that can help athletes gain insights into how they are training, recovering,
    and increasing fitness. COROS VERTIX 2S has COROS' latest 5-LED and 4-photodetector optical heart rate sensor to accurately monitor heart rate during exercise and for daily wear.

    Unmatched Climbing GPS Accuracy
    Even with dual-frequency, accurate GPS tracking for climbers tackling steep walls,
    chimneys, or off-width cracks has been a challenge for all GPS watch brands. COROS
    has taken a significant step forward in solving this problem with an optimized GPS
    algorithm for Outdoor Climb mode.

    The COROS VERTIX series has been the watch ultra-endurance athletes, climbers,
    and mountain enthusiasts have come to trust over the last
    five years. The VERTIX 2S is another step to providing athletes with the ultimate adventure companion. With an upgraded heart rate sensor, GPS accuracy unmatched in outdoor activities, especially for multi-pitch climbing, the VERTIX 2S is another step to help provide athletes with the best tools possible.
    - Lewis Wu, CEO and Co-Founder of COROS Wearables

    For Athletes Who Want the Most From Their Watch
    With all COROS watches, athletes have access to much more than just a watch. The
    COROS app gives insights to monitor your training progress, build workouts and
    training plans, and create routes at no additional cost.
    The VERTIX 2S also includes all the standard health tracking metrics in all COROS
    watches. Users can monitor recovery, sleep tracking, heart rate variability, steps,
    calories, and more.

    Key upgrades:

    New multi-channel photoelectric heart rate sensor
    New antenna construction design to improve positioning accuracy in dense city and mountain environments

    Battery Life
    Standard GPS mode: 188 hrs
    All System On (default): 73 hrs
    Dual Frequency: 43 hrs

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