OTSO - Sports Apparel

About OTSO

We are a brand that was born in Andorra, in the middle of the mountains of the High Pyrenees, a small but great country that provides excellent scenarios for thousands of athletes from different parts of the world to visit every year attracted by its many natural settings.

Cold and snowy mountains in winter for the practice of any sport related to the snow, cool and rugged mountains in summer to practice outdoor sports, make Andorra the ideal place for the birth of our brand.

Some of the best cyclists, motorcyclists, skiers, mountaineers, athletes, trail runners ... spend or have spent a season here trained attracted by its majestic mountains and conditions.

From here is born @OTSO which means WOLF in Basque and represents leadership, strength, courage, power, struggle, cunning, trust, freedom, loyalty, resistance, generosity, humility, family and individuality, values ​​that represent very well all those who like to live sports as a lifestyle and passion.

En OTSO We have specialized in integrating the best design and the best technologies to make specific custom products, limited editions, unique and exclusive collections for legendary races and sporting events in different places around the world.

We were born in Andorra for the whole world.

Welcome to OTSO.