ATLAS ENDURANCE Drink Mix 150 Calories

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Sports nutrition drink widely used by runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes – Carbohydrate-rich drink mix for endurance sports which provides all your calories, electrolytes and hydration for long and/or speed workouts. Can be used before, during and/or after an activity.



150 calories

40g carbs



How to use:

Mix Atlas Endurance Drink Mix with exactly 500ml/17 oz of water.

Do not add in more water and remember that most water bottles these days are 21 oz, so if you mix 21 oz of water with 1 packet you will not be happy.


Fuel Guide:

1 packet of Atlas 150 in 500 ml water per hour for hard interval training (1 hour workouts).

1 packet of Atlas 300 in 500 ml water per hour for activities more than 2 hours.


Note: Content takes time to dissolve. Shake rigorously. It's worth the effort. Consume within 12 hours upon mixing.


- Best suited for: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Ultimate, Boxing


Vegan and vegetarian friendly. Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Nut Free.


Our flavors:

Strawberry, Mixed Berries, Orange, Apple, Honey Lemon, Grapes, Unflavored and Lychee (Caffeinated)

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VIncent Mari Dakay
Ordered 5 only got 1

Ordered 5 only got 1. Would not recommend this store