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Shorter. Extremely light.

Unobstructed speed display.

AKIV MULTI-POCKET INNER RACING SHORTS 2" (UNISEX) - A multi-functional 2" running shorts (triangular inner version) for men and women.

Shorter. Extremely light.

Help you to perform your speed.

AKIV running shorts combine the need for a phone case, waist pack, and inner tights/underwear into one perfect package 😎
One pair of AKIV running shorts can take care of it all! Running can finally be done with both hands free 😎 The valuable items are placed in a large, waterproof zippered pocket on the back. No need to worry about running and causing your phone to get wet, the waterproof lining can prevent sweat from getting on your phone 😎

📌 Large open split on both sides for easy high-intensity training and effective leg movements.

📌The super elastic and tough mesh fabric keeps equipment close to the body and reduces shaking.

📌Material: Lightweight, elastic, and water-repellent fabric.

📌The back zippered pocket is designed with a waterproof inner layer and can hold iPhone Pro Max.

📌Built-in inner: Prevents exposure during exercise and quickly absorbs sweat.

📌The waistband can hold a water bag/phone/energy gel and other small items.



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