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  • More accurate and sensitive instant pace
  • Improved measurement on treadmills and indoor tracks
  • Improved GPS routes and data consistency in dense cities
  • More accurate effort measurement from Effort Pace
  • Advanced running metrics - Ambient Temperature, Ground Time, L/R Balance, Stride Height, Stride Ratio
  • 28 hours of continuous running or 50 days in standby mode
  • The portable charging dock supplies up to 5 full charges
  • Wearing location: foot/waist

Customer Reviews

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take your training to the next level

The Coros pod has been a game changer for my training. Prior to getting the pod, I felt like I was a pretty efficient runner. I learned quickly that I have some things to work on. The pod provides metrics that include stride length, stride height, ground contact time, left/right balance, efficiency, and power. In my opinion, the running power analysis is the most useful tool. I’ve used similar devices from other companies and none of them provided the in depth power data like the Coros pod. The pod was very easy to set up and always connects to my watch seamlessly. If you are looking for a simple, cost effective way to improve your running, I highly recommend the Coros pod.