LECKA Granola Bites - Matcha Latte

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We take the Matcha Latte flavour to the next level - now in Granola Bite version. Matcha with its slightly bitter taste, with notes of sweetness and umami, goes great with coconut milk powder and creates a mouth watering granola experience. A wide range of healthy nuts and seeds give these Granola Bites a great crunch.


Ingredients: Cashew nuts, Macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, coconut honey, prunes, peanuts, melon seeds , sunflower seeds, brown rice, matcha (3%), coconut milk powder (3%), nutmeg, salt, antioxidant Soy lecithin.

Allergy information: Ingredients that may cause allergies are highlighted in bold.

Storage & Use: Keep cool, dry and away from sunlight. Eat within 1 day after opening.

Expiry date: 9 months from date of manufacture.

Net weight: 40 g

Production and responsibility for product quality: Lecka Vietnam Co., Ltd. | Address: KM3, Dan Di street, group 45, Dong Anh town, Dong Anh district, Hanoi city, Vietnam | +84339050352 | www.lecka.eco | hi@lecka.eco | Origin: Vietnam | Product Reg. No. 07/LECKA/2022